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Sant Aniol

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Stay lively with special gifts of natural - "Sant Aniol water"

Sant Aniol is not just water rather its a vital element of a healthy & blissful lifestyle. Filtered for thousands of years through volcanic rocks of Garrotxa’s Natural Park (Spain) provides the level of purity, free of contaminants and rich in minerals.

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Sant Aniol

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Established in 1993 in the Girona region of La Garrotxa (Spain), Sant Aniol is one of the purest natural mineral water. Millions of people worldwide consume this special gift of nature. Incepted India in 2017 with an objective to bring liveliness to the life of people with Sant Aniol water.

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Sant Aniol volcanic mineral water originates from Girona region of La Garrotxa, at a depth of over 55 metres. The water derives heat and mineral properties from the volcanic sources dominated by a landscape that consists lava sediment and volcanic rock.
Sant Aniol water is filtered through volcanic rock dominated by a landscape that consists of lava sediment. This enriches the water with mineral and electrolytes that help to strengthen the core of the body, regulates blood flow ad leads to great looking skin and a healthy life.
Volcanoes produce exceptional and useful minerals like diamonds, nickel, aluminium, gold, lead, zinc, and copper. The volcanic water consists of these minerals. Sant Aniol water is the purest version of Volcanic mineral water. you can volcanic water in india through Sant Aniol.
Yes indeed, the water has a rich mineral composition and pH between 7.6 and 8.2. It is good for everyone in the family. Sant Aniol brings the purest form of Volcanic mineral water to India
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